Shiptest 13 - Modules - Types


Items in the "Snacks" subcategory are food items that people actually eat. The key points are that they are created already filled with reagents and are destroyed when empty. Additionally, they make a "munching" noise when eaten.

Notes by Darem: Food in the "snacks" subtype can hold a maximum of 50 units. Generally speaking, you don't want to go over 40 total for the item because you want to leave space for extra condiments. If you want effect besides healing, add a reagent for it. Try to stick to existing reagents when possible (so if you want a stronger healing effect, just use omnizine). On use effect (such as the old officer eating a donut code) requires a unique reagent (unless you can figure out a better way).

The nutriment reagent and bitesize variable replace the old heal_amt and amount variables. Each unit of nutriment is equal to 2 of the old heal_amt variable. Bitesize is the rate at which the reagents are consumed. So if you have 6 nutriment and a bitesize of 2, then it'll take 3 bites to eat. Unlike the old system, the contained reagents are evenly spread among all the bites. No more contained reagents = no more bites.

Here is an example of the new formatting for anyone who wants to add more food items.

/obj/item/reagent_containers/food/snacks/xenoburger			//Identification path for the object.
	name = "Xenoburger"													//Name that displays in the UI.
	desc = "Smells caustic. Tastes like heresy."						//Duh
	icon_state = "xburger"												//Refers to an icon in food.dmi
/obj/item/reagent_containers/food/snacks/xenoburger/Initialize()		//Don't mess with this. | nO I WILL MESS WITH THIS
	. = ..()														//Same here.
	reagents.add_reagent(/datum/reagent/xenomicrobes, 10)						//This is what is in the food item. you may copy/paste
	reagents.add_reagent(/datum/reagent/consumable/nutriment, 2)							//this line of code for all the contents.
	bitesize = 3													//This is the amount each bite consumes.

All foods are distributed among various categories. Use common sense.