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Facehugger Item

The storage item for facehuggers, used to allow them to be worn as masks.

An item used to represent a facehugger while in the inventory of something. It stores the mob inside of it, keeping it safe from death. Upon being dropped, the item will release the mob and destroy itself. Also worth noting, throwing this item will transfer the throw's momentum and target to the facehugger, allowing for seamless throwing. It also handles impregnating the wearer and subsequently killing the facehugger as well.


AttachProc which begins the impregnation process
ImpregnateProc which will implant the embryo into the wearer if it can.

Proc Details


Proc which begins the impregnation process

Checks whether or not the facehugger is sterile. If it isn't, it will knockout the wearer and initialize the impregnation process. Regardless of the above condition, the facehugger will go on cooldown, preventing it from trying to couple for a time. Argument:


Proc which will implant the embryo into the wearer if it can.

Makes sure the wearer can still be impregnated and the facehugger is still capable of it, then implants an embryo. It will also log this event. After the impregnation is done, the facehugger will fall limp and fall off of the wearer's face, dead. Argument: