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Alien Hunter

A fast-moving caste of alien capable of pouncing on prey, stunning them for a decent amount of time. They are, however, the squishiest caste as well.

The speedy ambusher and main component of the alien offensive. Alien hunters are the fastest caste, moving at a speed faster than humans and most other animals. Hunters also have the unique ability to pounce on possible prey, which induces a hardstun should it successfully land on a target. However, the stun will be applied to the hunter should it hit a wall or be unlucky when pouncing a target with a shield.


leap_iconThe mouse icon for when the hunter is ready to leap.


leap_atHandles the hunter's leap.
leap_endHandles the end of the hunter's leap.
toggle_leapUsed to toggle the hunter's leap ability.

Var Details


The mouse icon for when the hunter is ready to leap.

Proc Details


Handles the hunter's leap.

A proc which handles the action of the hunter leaping. Does a few checks to see if the leap is currently possible, and then if so sets the hunter up to leap at the desired atom A. Arguments:


Handles the end of the hunter's leap.

Reverts the status of the hunter to normal after the end of a leap. Changes the internal tracker, removes the lava immunity, and then resets the icons of the hunter.


Used to toggle the hunter's leap ability.

A proc which toggles whether or not the hunter is able to leap using left-click. Doing this changes the icon state of the hunter, along with toggling the ability on or off. A message will be displayed to the alien player when doing this if the message var is set to TRUE. Arguments: