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Here is the big, bad function that broadcasts a message given the appropriate parameters.

@param M: Reference to the mob/speaker, stored in["mob"]

@param vmask: Boolean value if the mob is "hiding" its identity via voice mask, stored in["vmask"]

@param vmessage: If specified, will display this as the message; such as "chimpering" for monkeys if the mob is not understood. Stored in["vmessage"].

@param radio: Reference to the radio broadcasting the message, stored in["radio"]

@param message: The actual string message to display to mobs who understood mob M. Stored in["message"]

@param name: The name to display when a mob receives the message.["name"]

@param job: The name job to display for the AI when it receives the message.["job"]

@param realname: The "real" name associated with the mob.["realname"]

@param vname: If specified, will use this name when mob M is not understood.["vname"]

@param data: If specified: 1 -- Will only broadcast to intercoms 2 -- Will only broadcast to intercoms and station-bounced radios 3 -- Broadcast to syndicate frequency 4 -- AI can't track down this person. Useful for imitation broadcasts where you can't find the actual mob

@param compression: If 0, the signal is audible If nonzero, the signal may be partially inaudible or just complete gibberish.

@param map_zones: The list of map zones that the sending radio is broadcasting to.

@param freq The frequency of the signal


map_zonesMap zones that this signal is reaching
widebandWhether it reaches all virtual levels

Var Details


Map zones that this signal is reaching


Whether it reaches all virtual levels