Shiptest 13 - Modules - Types

DMAPI Internals

This folder should be placed on it's own inside a codebase that wishes to use the TGS DMAPI. Warranty void if modified.

  • is the file that should be included by DM code, it handles including the rest.
  • The core folder includes all code not directly part of any API version.
  • The other versioned folders contain code for the different DMAPI versions.
    • v3210 contains the final TGS3 API.
    • v4 is the legacy DMAPI 4 (Used in TGS 4.0.X versions).
    • v5 is the current DMAPI version used by TGS >=4.1.
  • LICENSE is the MIT license for the DMAPI.

APIs communicate with TGS in two ways. All versions implement TGS -> DM communication using /world/Topic. DM -> TGS communication, called the bridge method, is different for each version.