Shiptest 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/check_zone Convert a PRECISE ZONE into the BODY_ZONE
/proc/ran_zone Return the zone or randomly, another valid zone
/proc/above_neck Would this zone be above the neck
/proc/stars Convert random parts of a passed in message to stars
/proc/slur Makes you speak like you're drunk
/proc/cultslur Makes you talk like you got cult stunned, which is slurring but with some dark messages
/proc/stutter Adds stuttering to the message passed in
/proc/derpspeech Convert a message to derpy speak
/proc/Gibberish Turn text into complete gibberish!
/proc/shake_camera Shake the camera of the person viewing the mob SO REAL!
/proc/findname Find if the message has the real name of any user mob in the mob_list
/proc/is_special_character Is this mob special to the gamemode?
/proc/notify_ghosts Fancy notifications for ghosts
/proc/item_heal_robotic Heal a robotic body part on a mob
/proc/isAdminObserver Is the passed in mob a ghost with admin powers, doesn't check for AI interact like isAdminGhost() used to
/proc/isAdminGhostAI Is the passed in mob an admin ghost WITH AI INTERACT enabled
/proc/offer_control Offer control of the passed in mob to dead player