Shiptest 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/action/innate/aiThe malf AI action subtype. All malf actions are subtypes of this.
/datum/action/innate/ai/rangedFramework for ranged abilities that can have different effects by left-clicking stuff.
/obj/effect/proc_holder/ranged_aiThe actual ranged proc holder.
/datum/AI_ModuleThe base module type, which holds info about each ability.
/datum/AI_Module/destructiveModules causing destruction
/datum/AI_Module/utilityModules with stealthy and utility uses
/datum/AI_Module/upgradeModules that are improving AI abilities and assets
/datum/AI_Module/destructive/nuke_stationDoomsday Device: Starts the self-destruct timer. It can only be stopped by killing the AI completely.
/datum/AI_Module/destructive/lockdownHostile Station Lockdown: Locks, bolts, and electrifies every airlock on the station. After 90 seconds, the doors reset.
/datum/AI_Module/destructive/override_machineOverride Machine: Allows the AI to override a machine, animating it into an angry, living version of itself.
/datum/AI_Module/destructive/destroy_rcdDestroy RCDs: Detonates all non-cyborg RCDs on the station.
/datum/AI_Module/destructive/overload_machineOverload Machine: Allows the AI to overload a machine, detonating it after a delay. Two uses per purchase.
/datum/AI_Module/destructive/blackoutBlackout: Overloads a random number of lights across the station. Three uses.
/datum/AI_Module/utility/place_cyborg_transformerRobotic Factory: Places a large machine that converts humans that go through it into cyborgs. Unlocking this ability removes shunting.
/datum/AI_Module/utility/break_air_alarmsAir Alarm Safety Override: Unlocks the ability to enable flooding on all air alarms.
/datum/AI_Module/utility/break_fire_alarmsThermal Sensor Override: Unlocks the ability to disable all fire alarms from doing their job.
/datum/AI_Module/utility/emergency_lightsDisable Emergency Lights
/datum/AI_Module/utility/reactivate_camerasReactivate Camera Network: Reactivates up to 30 cameras across the station.
/datum/AI_Module/upgrade/upgrade_camerasUpgrade Camera Network: EMP-proofs all cameras, in addition to giving them X-ray vision.
/datum/AI_Module/upgrade/upgrade_turretsAI Turret Upgrade: Increases the health and damage of all turrets.
/datum/AI_Module/upgrade/eavesdropEnhanced Surveillance: Enables AI to hear conversations going on near its active vision.
/datum/AI_Module/upgrade/mecha_dominationUnlock Mech Domination: Unlocks the ability to dominate mechs. Big shocker, right?