Shiptest 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/material/ironHas no special properties.
/datum/material/glassBreaks extremely easily but is transparent.
/datum/material/silverHas no special properties. Could be good against vampires in the future perhaps.
/datum/material/goldSlight force increase
/datum/material/diamondHas no special properties
/datum/material/uraniumIs slightly radioactive
/datum/material/plasmaAdds firestacks on hit (Still needs support to turn into gas on destruction)
/datum/material/bluespaceCan cause bluespace effects on use. (Teleportation) (Not yet implemented)
/datum/material/bananiumHonks and slips
/datum/material/titaniumMediocre force increase
/datum/material/plasticForce decrease
/datum/material/biomassForce decrease and mushy sound effect. (Not yet implemented)
/datum/material/adamantineStronk force increase
/datum/material/mythrilRPG Magic.