Shiptest 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/get_adjacent_open_turfs Returns a list with all the adjacent open turfs.
/proc/get_bbox_of_atoms Get a bounding box of a list of atoms.
/proc/turf_peel Behaves like the orange() proc, but only looks in the outer range of the function (The "peel" of the orange). Credit to ArcaneMusic for this one
/proc/get_hearers_in_view Returns a list of hearers in view(view_radius) from source (ignoring luminosity). recursively checks contents for hearers
/proc/considered_exiled Exiled check
/proc/remove_image_from_client Removes an image from a client's .images. Useful as a callback.
/proc/get_active_player_count Get active players who are playing in the round