Shiptest 13 - Modules - Types


When adding a ship to the game you need to add a description and a set of tags based on what the ship is equipped with.
The description should describe what the ship is used for, what it's conditions are typically like, and possibly some lore tidbits for it.
When creating a description you'll need to run it by the lore team to make sure it is compliant and meets up to our standards.

For tags you will add them in the following format:
"tags": ["Tag One", "Tag Two", "Tag Three"],

All individual words in tags must be capitalized.
Here is the list of tags:

"Combat" - A ship containing significant lethal weaponry, is generally lethally armed, or has a ruin or pvp focus.
"Generalist" - A ship containing 4 or more focus tags or very little in a lot of categories without enough to constitute tagging it as such.
"Construction" - A ship built for building or construction projects.
"Robotics" - A ship with AI's, Borgs, or a robotics setup in general.
"Science" - A ship containing a research focus, this includes RnD and XenoBio.
"Service" - A ship with a bar or kitchen setup, a ship focused around the service department.
"Chemistry" - A ship containing a chemistry and/or plumbing setup.
"Medical" - A ship with more than just a few medkits an a surgery kit, a ship based around medical gameplay.
"RP Focus" - A ship that's meant to facilitate a lot of RP. IE cruise ships, apartment ships, bar-rp ships, etc.
"Mining" - A ship with more than a modest amount of mining equipment. Having an ORM, multiple harsuits, protos, etc.
"Cargo" - A ship that is meant to either act as a merchant or a cargo vessel. This is judged on a ship to ship basis.
"Engineering" - A ship with a lot of engineering gear.
"Subshuttle" - A ship that contains a subshuttle.
"Survival Challenge" - A ship that is actively hostile to start on.
"Telecomms" - A ship with a telecomms setup comprising of 3 or more machines.
"Botany" - A ship that has more than a couple trays and a mild selection of seeds. Has a considerable amount of botany equipment.
"Specialist" - A ship that is special, doesn't fit any other tag, or has a special niche. Judged on a ship to ship basis.```