Shiptest 13 - Modules - Types


This file is not compiled, nor does it interact with the code in any way. This file serves as a key for reading our map catalogue.

Maps described in the catalogue must be described with at least one or more of the following tags.

*Loot Summary
Minor Loot = Has negligable/no loot at all, only contains fluff items or just the loot found from enemy drops or structures in the ruin.
Medium Loot = Has a pool of loot that is useful for the average player or ship, but not in large amounts, and does not have more than one or two boss drops.
Major Loot = Contains a large pool of loot useful to the average player or ship. Or includes more boss drops or necropolis loot than there are challenges for.

*Combat Summary
No Combat = Contains no enemies or combat challenges.
Minor Combat Challenge = Has only 1-2 hit melee mobs in small or moderate amounts.
Medium Combat Challenge = Contains more than just simple low health melee mobs, or a moderate amount of mobs.
Boss Combat Challenge = Contains either one or more bossmobs, has a large number of mobs that are either overwhelming or considerably challenging, or has a significant combat challenge overall.

Megafauna = Map contains one or more megafauna.
Antag Gear = Map contains one or more items typically only obtainable by antag roles.
Necropolis Loot = Map contains an item or chest from the necropolis loot pool.
Liveable = The entirety of the map is inhabitable without protective gear, and the map is not surrounded by an inhospitable environment.
Inhospitable = The majority of the map is uninhabitable without protective gear, and the map is not surrounded by a hospitable environment.
Shelter = The map contains a portion that is hospitable without protective gear, with a surrounding section that is inhospitable. Or the map is an enclosed hospitable space that spawns on an inhospitable planet.
Bad Shelter = The map contains a portion that is inhospitable without protective gear, with a surround section that is hospitable. Or the map is an enclosed inhospitable space that spawn on a hospitable planet.
No Content = A map that contains no objects. It contains only turfs, walls, and or areas.
Hazardous = Contains hazardous environment elements. Elements include but are not limited to: Mines, IEDs, Chasms appearing more than twice or more than once if one is 3x3 or more, disease spawns, beartraps.
Unknown Details = Something about the map can't be checked with a map editor alone, and has not been tested for confirmation yet.
Lava = Contains lava or liquid plasma tiles.
Ghost Role = Contains a ghost role.

Map catalogues in the main file will be listed under their respective planets and category. They must be written in the following format:

File Name = \sample\sample\sample.dmm
Size = (x = ?)(y = ?)(z = 1)
Tags = "sample_loot_size", "sample_combat_challenge_size", "sample_objective_tags"